Slik Talk Gives Cassper Nyovest The Last Chance To Withdraw From The Boxing Fight

Controversial YouTuber has given a final chance to withdraw from their boxing match scheduled tune.

The Family Tree boss had challenged to a boxing match, and after sporadic drama regarding the match, with Cassper stating at some point that the match was off, the adversaries agreed to a match today 22 December.

Dubbed Fame Vs Clout, the match was to have been held at Zone 6, but it was too expensive to set up a temporary ring in that place, so the two opted for somewhere else, much smaller, with only a few guests allowed to watch the match life

In a tweet, had expressed excitement about today’s rendezvous and how he can’t wait to demolish to serve as a deterrent to other cyberbullies.

Well, Slik Talk thinks he would have the upper hand in the fight. In a YouTube video, he had shared a doctored image of which showed the Family Tree rapper nursing several lacerations on his face – supposedly the result of Slik’s savage pounding in the ring.

But then Photoshop skills will never be the same as boxing skills. Stay tuned for the outcome of the match.

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