Slik Talk Returns “With Another Video” And Minnie Dlamini Is His First Target

The trash talker Slik Talk is “back again with another video”, and Minnie Dlamini is his first target.

Slik Talk has been away since his boxing fight with the heavyweight hip-hop artist Cassper Nyovest. The fight earned him one hundred thousand South African rands, respect, and more followers. The fight, which was live-streamed on YouTube, had over one hundred thousand live viewers and reached over five hundred thousand views after the live broadcast.

Many anticipated that he would invest the money earned for the boxing match in his video production and school needs, as he mentioned before the fight. Although he has not said what he has invested in or used the money for, the guess would be that he has spent it towards his education.

Many have been worried about Slik Talk’s wellbeing following the boxing fight where he took several heavy body shots from Cassper Nyovest because of his silence. After the fight, he made a video to talk about the boxing match and gave props to Cassper for keeping his words, and he later disappeared from the public eyes.

To the surprise of many, he returned today, and he looks like he has been living well, but his setup is still the same with the brown cupboard background. However, that did not stop him from addressing Minnie Dlamini’s recent divorce announcement, an important topic of the day.

Mzansi star Minnie Dlamini has announced her ongoing divorce from her husband, Quinton Jones. Fans of Minnie Dlamini have rallied around her since she announced some heartbreaking news via her Instagram page. According to her shared statement on Tuesday, February 15, she revealed that the loss that they both suffered led to so much in their marriage, which resulted in the divorce, but Slik Talk, on the other hand, is of a different opinion.

Slik Talk feels that Minnie Dlamini was in the marriage for the money, and the moment she is able to secure “the bag”, she decides to end the marriage. He went on to say that the soon to be ex-husband is a shy man that could not give Minnie Dlamini the attention, publicity and couple vibes to keep her relevant in the entertainment industry. He went on and on until the video ended abruptly like always, watch it below:

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