Slik Talk Slams Busta 929 Over Relationship With Teenager

Mzansi YouTube star, Slik Talk has slammed Amapiano DJ, for his alleged relationship with an underaged teenager.

Mzansi has been going crazy over allegations that Piano DJ, is attracted to underaged girls. Remember, back in June of last year, Busta was dragged all over social media for picking up some underaged girls on his way from a show.

He defended himself saying that the girls showed interest in making music. Now, the Piano star is back in the trends for doing the same thing all over again. Some have argued that the girl pictured with him was born in 2005 (while some say she is actually 19).

Weighing in on the matter, Slik Talk slammed Busta and said there is no point defending him. He stated that the “Gqoz Gqoz” star is begging to go to jail. He also stated that his success would not hinder it from happening.

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