Slikour Ditches Rap Name For Birth Name, Siya Metane

announced he will be dropping his rap name.

SA star, has announced his recent decision to drop his rap name. Yes, this comes as a surprise to all of us. He made the announcement via his website, Slikouronlife, revealing that he will be going by the name Siya Metane.

According to him, from his young days in Leondale, he has grown in his love for music and has been able to build a successful platform. He also announced that he will be dropping a new joint that will detail what has healed him over the course of his career. He also hopes that it would heal others too.

Slikour, now has come a long way to be one of the most recognized artists in the SA scene. A former member of the group, it would be nice to hear his new joint after 7 years of not dropping music.

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