Slikour Reveals Skwatta Kamp Is Coming Back For A Reunion Jam

Several years back, they captured the attention of the music loveing publicly with their songs. But along the line the South African band Skwatta Kamp became silent. Talk of the end of an era for a hip hop band.

Well, it appears like the band will soon reemerge from the dust and even release another project. Band member Slikour has revealed just that.

In a recent sit-down with DJ Doowap on the game show Smirnoff Gam Night, Slikour had been asked of the possibility of a Skwatta Kamp reunion, and he had responded yes, stating that the group apparently has something in the works.

What exactly it is, one cannot tell at this point. But having disclosed the possibility of a reunion and that the group was on some project, Slikour has provoked great excitement among fans of the group.

Skwatta Kamp was a seven-member band founded in 1995. Although made up of seven, some group members have released solo projects. Well, what do you think of a possible Skwatta Kamp reunion?

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