Slikour’s Emotional Dedicatory Post To Skwatta Kamp

South African rapper Slikour (birthname: Siya Metane) has released a dedicatory post to the group Skwatta Kampa which he has been a member of for a long time as the group releases a new album.

Skwatta Kamp was one of the most visible groups in South African rap at some point, with some notable names in its orbit. The years have passed and the group experienced life’s many colours, including the stabbing to death of one of its members (Flabba),

But the group is still around and still singing. One can’t say the same for several other bands, of course. Now. what better way to celebrate its long odyssey than by releasing a celebration album? There are about five surviving members of the group at the moment.

Well, in his post referencing the new project, Slikour, who runs a blog of the same name, was somewhat emotional. He encouraged fans to go check out the latest drop from the group while also illuminating the memories of former band members who are no longer on the material plane, You can check out his post below.

Slikour's Emotional Dedicatory Post To Skwatta Kamp 2

Well, if you are a Skwatta Kamp fan, you might want to honour Slikour and the group by checking out their latest pot.

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