Slikour’s Interview With ThandoNje Resurfaces On Twitter Streets

It was a moment of hilarity that wasn’t lost on tweeps when musician and blogger Slikour interviewed the soul singer ThandoNje and got her to shed some light on her name.

ThandoNje might be the name, but the “Nje” part is silent – that is, not pronounced alongside the other part. So why add that part to the name if it’s silent?

Interestingly, she didn’t have many clues about that but managed to volunteer that, “…the Nje was silent then people would never get the silent part. It’s just Thando.”

So Thando is the name, then. The interview is by no means new. But it has recently surfaced online, opening new avenues for hilarity among those who saw it.

Thandi is a musician who had a semblance of a formal interview with Slikour back in 2018, during which she detailed many aspects of her life and music. You can check out the detailed interview below.

Thando is a popular name in South Africa and several celebs bear it. On this note, one can’t begrudge the songstress for the Nje part of her name, as it separates her from others on paper, although when the name is pronounced, she’s indistinguishable from others bear Thando.

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