Slim BLVD Announces The First Edition Of March Madness

In an interview with Tshego, Slim BLVD discusses where he has been since the success of "Phanda Mo," what he has been up to since, and new work to come!

Instagram live interview with Tshego, Slim BLVD announced that his return to the music space after a two-year silence. His last single “On Blast,” featuring Nadia Nakai and Kly dropped in 2018, leaving fans wondering what happened to him. His 2016 smash hit, “Phanda Mo” slated Slim for success, but life got real much faster than success was realized.

Interviewed by his longtime friend and collaborator, Tshego, the two share a candid exchange about the changes in their lives, their struggles at the beginning of their careers, and where they are now. During this exchange, Slim announced the release of his first annual March Madness mixtape.

“It’s been a dream of mine to do a tape like this,” Slim explains to Tshego. “When I started at Cantarre, I wanted to put people on. But to be honest, you [had] to be a certain level of ‘unknown’ for people to put you on [in club settings] .” For this reason,March Madness is Slim’s way of showcasing talent from less-known artists and extending his platform to them where he can.

March Madness will debut on March 31, 2020

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