Smash Afrika’s Wife Kefiloe Says the Star Was Abusive

Smash Afrika’s wife, Refilwe Mdutyulwa says her husband was abusive while also cheating on her.

The story of Smash Afrika’s cheating allegations has taken a new turn. In a recently shared post on her Instagram page, his wife Refilwe has opened up about the abuse she faced in her marriage and the dilemma she wrestled with.

The star has been accused of cheating on her with singer Msaki. Refilwe revealed that she was psychologically and emotionally abused by him. Sadly, she could not summon the courage to leave him because she was afraid that she’d be disobeying God. She wrote,

“When I was being abused, I was faced with the decision whether to remain in my marriage, possibly at the risk of my life or harm to my child. This decision was particularly difficult because I worried I was disobeying God by ending my marriage.” Check out the full post below.

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