Snaps From MoFlava’s Wedding

Radio host Moflava got married in a private ceremony recently and those who witnessed the event thought love was all too obvious there.

He may not have publicized the event massively before it happened, but the celebrated radio host was seriously happy to have left the bachelor’s club and joined the married league.

In a post to Instagram soon after, he had shared just a photo from the event, letting fans know in the caption that the event of last week was one he would cherish forever, an event that flowed with love and happiness.

He has moved into a new chapter now, according to him, and the bond they share have united their families as well as their ancestors.

Snaps From Moflava'S Wedding 2Snaps From Moflava'S Wedding 3

Mbali MaPhoka Tsiki is the name of Moflava’s wife. And from the look of things, she’s a very private person. She’s active on Instagram, but her profile is not public. Those who want to follow her would first of all request permission to.

Well, Mbali MaPhoka Tsiki goes by the mantra, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Well, may the marriage be a blissful one and may the couple continue to have reasons to pick each other.

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