Sneziey Opens Up On What It Feels Like Growing Up Without A Father

Former Idols SA star, Sneziey opens up about what it meant to grow up without a father.

Since we have known her, former Idols SA star, and musician, Sneziey has been vocal about growing up without her father. Last year, she spoke about it saying that God was her father, while her uncles were the physical fathers that she saw growing up.

In a recent post made to her Instagram page, she shed more light on how it felt growing up without her dad. According to her, he decided he wanted nothing to do with her while she was still a 3 month old foetus.

Growing up as a black child from the hood is normal being part of the 90% of kids without fathers,but when you actually grow up you have questions that you wanna ask him, you have things that would make sense in your current situations had you had his interventions but he’s just no where to be found 🥺 I mean I was barely human just 3months old in my mom’s womb when he made a decision of wanting NOTHING to do with me🤦🏿‍♀️
____________I mean yes we all go through UMGOWO relationshipically😆 ______but I believe I would have longed to be loved differently had I been taught me the meaning of it from a male(fatherly)perspective 🤷🏿‍♀️ I don’t really need my dad but I sometimes WONDER if he even thinks of me and this song best describes how I have been feeling solokhu ngaba khona

She stated that growing up in the hood, virtual every other kid had absent fathers, so she didn’t miss him much. However, she still has questions about what it feels like to have one. She revealed that she wonders if he ever thinks of her.

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