Snippet: Kwesta Working On A Joint Project With Kabza De Small

Mzansi rapper is gearing to release a new amapiano project in collaboration with the de facto king of piano music, Kabza De small.

In a recent post to his verified Instagram account, had shared a snippet of a song with Kabza De Small. In the caption, he noted that he’s working on a new project with the amapiano ace. He didn’t name the project, however.

With the recent announcement of a joint album with Kabza De Small, it becomes clearer that amapiano isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The genre is only a recent manifestation in South Africa’s music scene but has continued to eat the lunches of other genres. Yeah, artists from other genres have been streaming into the piano orbit, making nonsense of the claims some “pundits” had made earlier that amapiano is a fast that will disappear very soon.

is not known to have released amapiano music previously. He’s a rapper with several hits to his name. is the piano maestro. A meeting of two chaps from two genres should surely lead to something interesting, yes

At any rate, as the leading South African music and entertainment blog, you can count on us to share with you whatever the pair should release.

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