Snoop Dogg And Eminem Make Peace

The feud is over for American rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem and fans are chuffed with the news.

A feud had erupted when Snoop Dogg had noted, while listing his top ten rappers of all time, that Em was not one of them. This provoked a feud for several years, with Em taking shots at Slim Shady in his songs.

Well, and as Snoop observed on “The Breakfast Club,” the feud between them is over. He confessed his love for the “Killshot” hitmaker, noting their love for hip hop and the inherent competition in the game.

He described Eminem as “brother” and that they have learned to appreciate and respect each other for what they do. Thus they would now be mindful of the way they talk to each other in public.

Snoop Dogg admitted he was at fault and apologized to Eminem. According to him, he’s not perfect but just another human who makes mistakes.

The news of the two hip hop greats making up provoked a wave of excitement on social media. But some fans are worried boredom might set in with the two great now at ease and not thinking up new barbs. Well, you can check out the detailed interview with Snoop below.

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