Snoop Dogg Shares What He Thinks Of The Drake – Pusha T Beef & Their Diss Tracks

Snoop Dogg gives two cents on Drake and Pusha T's beef

shares his thoughts on and Pusha T’s beef and diss songs.

is practically the Godfather of and what he says goes and can’t be disputed. The rapper has weighed in on the rap feud that transpired between stars, and Pusha T. He made his verdict known in a recent episode of his GGN series with Michael Rapaport.

He weighed in on the back and forth between the two giving props to Drake’s very rewarding marketing plan after taking hit after hit. In his opinion, the feud ended in a draw because Drake ended up making immortal hits while Pusha dealt some really hard blows.

Referring to Drake’s viral hit song, he said,

“The n***a made ‘Kiki do you love me’ when Pusha-T took off on him. Like you can have my head, but I’m gonna have everybody in your family and everybody in the world singing this fucking ‘Kiki do you love me.’ That’s the answer. The answer is not, ‘I can’t match you lyrical wop-di-wop-woop,’ but ‘You can’t match me with this song that’s gonna play forever when they forget about that diss and then [at] your birthday party for your daughter in four years, guess what they’re gonna be playing? ‘Kiki do you love me?’

Both rappers took over the news when their feud went public. Drake ended up dropping hit songs, “Duppy “, and a huge album, while Pusha delivered the “Daytona” album, and the scathing “The Story of Adidon”.

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