Snoop Dogg Takes Down The Miz During WrestleMania Appearance – Watch

Your hankering for comedy would most likely be sated after you watch American rapper Snoop Dogg take down the Miz. It was a performance fotr a good laugh and one that actually had us holding our sides in laughter.

Snoop Dogg is no wrestler per se but has got the title of “Doggfather of Wrestlemania.” And indeed, he showed that he is the Doggfather after he stepped into the wring during the WrestleMania 39 in Inglewood, California, and surprised the Miz with an elbow jab, sending him sprawling on the canvas.

It was a moment of wild entertaonement and members of the audience cheered him on. With the miz and his mic separated, and the Miz seemingly heelpless on the canvas, Snoop Dogg crossed him one more time and moved in for the next hit. You can check out the clip at the end of the post.

At this rate, it is clear the Snoop is not one man to be holed in one industry. He has had and continues to have adventures as he walked the material plane. From music to blockchain to NFTs, right down to wrestling, this Dogg is still showing his sinews. Well, can you beat that?

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