Social Media Argue Over Recorded Conversation Believed To Be Between Lady Zamar And Sjava

Social media has been set fire again after an alleged recording believed to be of Lady Zamar and Sjava was revealed amidst the case of the rape allegations still in court

The audio brought about all forms of debate on the social media platform. The debate which was launched on Saturday the 7th of March 2020, was about both of them discussing a deleted song. In the recording the female voice believed to be that of Lady Zamar was heard shouting at the male voice who was believed to be her estranged lover Sjava for deleting a song they had worked on together

See reactions below;

The two singers are currently in a legal battle over allegations of rape and abuse leveled against Sjava by Lady Zamar. The case has sparked a lot of allegations and even led to a organizations and brands blacklisting Sjava. The recent being pleas from people for SABC to blacklist Sjava.

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