Social Media Bullying: Anele Mdoda Rises To Minnie Dlamini’s Defence

Anelke Mdoda has just stepped up to a defensive position for her compatriot and fellow media personality Minie Dlamini.

It appears like Minnie Dlamini cannot catch a break from the critics, who troll her at every opportunity they have. While she ignores some of the trolling, she responds to others now and then

She would certainly be pleased to know that Anele Mdoda has stepped into the ring in her defence. Her defensive position was inspired by an X user who posted about those who continue to hate Minnie, an action she felt was becoming boring at this point.

In reaction to the post, Anele took a subtle jab at the men, pointing out that they were responsible for all the hate. She believes this should be beyond them – not what they should engage in. You can check out the post below.

Social Media Bullying: Anele Mdoda Rises To Minnie Dlamini'S Defence 1

Anele Mdoda herself wasn’t immune to criticism. Her take even inspired mockery in her direction, as some of them pointed out that she herself had been trolling and embarrassing Kelly Rowland, calling her ugly, even though the American and Destiny’s Child member has never wronged her in any way.

It remains to be seen where the current drama will lead to

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