Social Media Fans Question Lady Zamar’s Allegations Against Sjava

Social media users questions the allegations leveled against Sjava by Lady Zamar

Social media users question Lady Zamar’s abuse allegations against her former lover, Sjava.

Social media has seen no rest since Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar hit the internet with a huge bomb. The singer accused her former lover, and Mzansi rapper, Sjava of alleged abuse and rape while they were together.

Since the information dropped, Black Twitter has been torn apart with some showing solidarity to Lady Zamar and saying they believe her while others have questioned the allegations. Some have found it hard to believe because they both looked very much happy with each other while their relationship was still on. Others however don’t think the singer would have any reason to make up lies against Sjava.

Recently, the SA Hip-hop star released a statement saying Zamar’s claims were untrue and stressing his innocence. Later on, the singer shared a few selfies calling herself a star. She seems determined to live her life even if no one believes her.

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