Social Media Influencer And Dj Cyan Boujee Assaulted By A Venue Owner At Corner Butcher

Popular social media influencer and DJ, Cyan Boujee says she got assaulted by a venue owner at Corner Butcher.

Mzansi has been trying hard to hold the people accused of assault accountable for their actions this year. A lot of times, it doesn’t end well, but many times, justice has been served.

Popular social media influencer and Disc Jockey, Cyan Boujee recently took to social media to reveal that she got assaulted by a venue owner at Corner Butcher. The post came with a photo showing scratch and slap marks on her face, and a photo of the unidentified venue owner.

According to Boujee, she was “physically abused and punched around by the man pictured at his venue during a gig”. She also revealed that she wasn’t the only one who was assaulted by the man, her female friends who were with her were assaulted too. Cyan announced that she has opened an assault case against him.

She called the venue owner’s behaviour “shocking” and revealed that a man was murdered at his venue a few weeks ago. According to her, the bouncers who should have helped them, held them to be beat up by the man. She also called for the place to be shut down.

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