Social Media’s Reaction To Episode 1 Of Boity’s #OwnYourThrone👑

How social media reacted to Boity's #OwnYourThrone

Here’s what social media thought of the first episode of Boity’s #OwnYourThrone reality tv show.

The first episode of Boity Thulo’s reality TV show premiered yesterday and social media has been abuzz since. The first episode of #OwnYourThrone gave viewers a glimpse of the celebrity lifestyle, the daily living standards and all.

It was pretty amazing to see Boity in her zone, in her niche, and to watch her relationship with her very entertaining mother. Who knew makeup artistes could be tardy too? Well, we get to see all that. That sort of reminds one of Kylie Jenner’s struggle with her own beloved makeup artiste.

The line that gets us each time is “Allow me to introduce myself, I am a queen”. Apparently, the idea for the show was pitched to her for about three years by Red Pepper Pictures before she finally accepted feeling she is financially and socially ready now.

Here are a few social media reactions to the show.

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