Sol Phenduka Addresses Question On Why He Is Losing Weight

With more awareness about the dangers of being overweight, many people are beginning to take their health seriously and lose the pounds. One who has grabbed the initiative is Podcast and Chill co-host Sol Phenduka.

The musician and podcast host has not only lost weight, but he has also given fans an insight into his decision. Before now, Sol was on the tubby side. But he took a decision for his health and, correspondingly, his life.

Actually, what prompted his speaking out about his weight loss was a troll who had noticed he had shed some pounds. The troll had asked the media personality why he was losing weight and whether he felt insecure about his previous weight and looks.

Replying to the troll, Sol Phenduka had noted that he didn’t lose weight because he was insecure but because he had to be alive to see his four-year-old daughter grow.

And to live long, he has to make significant lifestyle changes, which include losing weight. Being overly obese is unhealthy, he noted. You can check out his post below.

There is only one life, and he has only one body. It is up to him to preserve and not let poor lifestyle choices truncate it.

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