Sol Phenduka Erupts Over Moja Love Parting Ways With “Sizok’thola” Host Xolani Khumalo

It is no longer news that Xolani Khumalo has been let go by the channel Moja Love, where he used to anchor Sizok’thola, a show that seeks to expose drugs and druglords in the cities.

The show was a big hit with many South Africans and earned praise far and wide. However, during one of the filming, Xolani Khumalo reportedly had a brush with one of the alleged druglords and ended up accidentally killing him.

The incident reverberated across South Africa and that segment of the show was eventually not aired. Instead. Khumalo found himself in court to hear charges of killing another man. he had made a couple of appearances so far, each time surrounded by supporters.

The supporters usually wait outside until the end of each court session and then continue with their hailing, as well as asking for his unconditional release.

One of those who are keen on Khumalo continuing with his job as Sizok’thola host is popular radio and podcast host Sol Phenduka, who recently erupted over Moja Love’s decision to part ways with Khumalo. He asked why Khumalo was the only person being penalised over the whole incident, wondering about the role of the programme manager

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