Sol Phenduka On A-Reece Not Making His List Of Top 5 SA Rappers

South African media personality Sol Phenduka has just revealed why A-Reece is not on his list of the top five rappers in South Africa.

A-Reece, fondly called The Boy Doing Things, is highly regarded in the world of South African rap and many people would include him in their list of top 10 or even top 5 rappers in the Rainbow Nation – not Sol Phenduka.

The discussions on who the top rappers in South Africa are have refused to go away, with tweeps offering who they feel merits the top spots/ So, Sol Phenduka’s thoughts about A-Reece might not exactly be surprising.

Speaking during a recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sol Phenduka, who also has a spot at Kaya FM, noted that A-Reece is an incredible rapper, phenomenal and all but he still did not make his list, He walked back into the past, bringing a name like Pro Kid and amplifying what he did for South African rap. Pro holds a top spot in his view.

At the time of writing, A-Reece had not said anything about Sol Phenduka’s thoughts about his place in South African rap. And it is unlikely he would say anything, except seriously pushed to the wall, which Sol Phenduka has not done yet.

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