Sol Talks Continuing In Podcast & Chill As He Joins Kaya FM With Dineo Ranaka

Podcast and Chill With MacG co-host recently joined Kaya FM, leading to speculations on whether he’d still be a part of the controversial podcast.

He isn’t the only one speculations have swirled around, though. Fans have also expressed interest in Dineo Ranaka, who recently left after four years on the beat. She’d now be joining as as the radio station makes structural changes.

On the move to Kaya FM, Sol clarified that he’d not ditch the podcast. The dates between both are harmonious, so he can afford to do both without neglecting the other.

Also, he noted that the two have remarkably different audiences. The podcast is for the internet, while his Kaya gig was for terrestrial radio. There is still room fo freedom, and he would learn to be himself.

On Podcast and Chill, Sol had much more freedom. But on Kaya FM, he would have to tone down his language and not spew profanity.

Sol says he already has experience in radio. So his retransition to that orbit should be pretty smooth. It will be interesting to see how he will perform with Dineo Ranaka when production begins in earnest.

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