Solly Mankga’s Explosive Interview – Parenting, Robberies & So Much More: Watch

The idea that prison can or will save the life of someone might appear ironic, but that is the reality of Solly Mankga, who went from armed robbery to prison, ultimately pointing out that going to prison was what actually saved his life.

In his days in the underworld, he was involved in multiple heists, hijackings and robberies. He detailed those a while back in one of his interviews. In a recent sit-down, he dwelled more on other issues, including parenting and how he sees the world.

For instance, he noted that the role of a parent is just to give birth and move on. If that statement appears tough and jarring, it may interest you that he is actually a living testament to what he believes in. In his interview, he admitted having a song but zero relationship with the kid.

He has had someone give birth for him and moved on – affirming his verdict on parenting mentioned earlier. You can check out the post below.

Understandably, his take elicited mixed reactions, with most people dismissing him as being a troubled soul who lacked love growing up and is clearly forcing the cycle on the child he has.

Solly Mankga seemingly has a better life now, though.

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