Somizi Apologetic At Zahara’s Memorial – Watch

It has been said that death provokes sobriety in people. It also leads to introspection and people recall what they did to their departed loved ones and associates and what they could have done better.  This was the reality of South African media personality and reality show judge Somizi recently at the memorial service of the late singer Zahara.

The songstress died on December 11 after a brief illness. Allegedly, she had a liver failure and did not survive it despite being rushed to the hospital. Her family has not spoken about that being the cause of her death, however. The family only pointed out her having complained of bodily pains before her demise.

Sadly, she didn’t survive and Zansi has been mourning her ever since. Somizi was one of those present at her memorial service and also one of those who spoke. He pointed out in his speech that as an industry and as friends they all failed the singer and therefore owe her an apology.

In particular, he recalled how he had made fun of Zahara’s drinking years ago. He was apologetic, pointing out that the way people make others feel is very important.

Zahara will be missed for her contributions to South African music.

WATCH | 'Zahara we are sorry, please forgive us' - Somizi speaks at  Zahara’s memorial


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