Somizi blasts Ali Boy Over False Accusation

Mzansi TV and radio star, Somizi blasts Ali Boy over allegations made against him.

Like we have learnt in the entertainment world, there is always two sides to a story. This is proven again as Somizi is caught in a midst of a fresh accusation. But the fans are on his side this time.

The Mzansi star was recently accused by a friend named Ali Boy of wanting sex from him before he can lend him some help. However, the Idols SA star has reacted to these claims and shared a video explaining everything. He revealed that they both have always been flirty with each other, and further shared screenshots of their chat.

The screenshots reveal that both Som and Ali Boy flirt every now and again with each other. It also reveals that Ali truly added him to a gig without paying him. It proves that Ali is being manipulative.

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