Somizi Celebrates Buying Liquor Store & Naming It After Himself – Watch

South African media personality Somizi is looking beyond the world of reality shows and getting his hands into “serious business.” He has just acquired an alcohol store and named it after himself.

Anyone familiar with the controversial media personality wouldn’t be surprised at his latest move. While he isn’t known to be an alcoholic nor does he celebrate alcohol, he certainly has an eye for how to make the bucks – quick or not.

An alcohol shop appears like his best bet at the moment, so since he has the money to acquire the same, why not? he went all in and got what he wanted. What the public thinks is not as important as what he wants for himself.

By the way, he should have a ready market, as South Africa is known to be on the high side of alcohol consumption. What’s more? He already has a famous brand, meaning that people are more likely to step into the store because they would love to meet him and also because he is known and respected in society.

If you are a liquor person and a Somizi fan, you may want to check out the Somizi Liquor Store. Why not?

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