Somizi Dumps Twitter Over The “Toxic” People On The Platform

Mzansi media personality Somizi has taken a break from Twitter because of what he calls the medium’s toxicity.

According to the former Idols SA judge, some people on Twitter are as toxic as fuck and he has no time for them. So he’s ditching the app. For those who are kind, he said they know where to find him.

The media personality had taken a break from the medium before he emerged again to make the tweet, which you can check out below.

His core fans were in his mentions almost as soon as he made the post. Most encouraged him not to let toxic people force him out of the medium. Others encouraged him to simply block the toxic people and move on.

Well, Somizi isn’t the first person to take a break from Twitter as a result of the toxic people there. A couple of Mzansi celebs have already. Years back, Cassper Nyovest, who happens to be a friend to Somizi, had announced the same.

Also, not long ago, DJ had announced that she was taking a break from the medium as well.

Somizi is famous for his melodramatic personality. And that’s one aspect of him his followers might miss following his exit.

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