Somizi Gifted A Cracked Glass Portrait by Visual Artist SK Original

Mzansi star Somizi is touched as he is gigged a cracked glass portrait by visual artist SK Original.

Somizi Mhlongo is certainly one of the most loved celebs in the country for good reason. His incredible talent and personality endear him to his many fans all over the country. SomGaGa recently got a gift and was touched by it.

He was gifted a cracked glass portrait by visual artist SK Original, and he had this to say.

“In my 50 years of living, I’ve received gifts, won awards, but this tops it all. What an honour. Ur not just a talent, your art is spiritual. It can only be God that can anoint u like this. Ur yo ancestors wildest dreams. Thank u so much.”

SK Original also opened up to Briefly about the people he makes portraits for.

“Each person I choose is either in my playlist or someone I grew up watching. They each have had an impact on me or left a huge impression on me.” He also spoke about some of his most challenging pieces.

“My favourite to make was the Pearl Thusi artwork because I incorporated the ceiling challenge to create it which in itself was a challenge.”

“The hardest to make would have to be Major League. It involves two faces on one canvas and I had to do it in circumstances that were not ideal or conducive to creating art. Also ’cause the artwork is large, luckily I didn’t have to make large corrections to the artwork or start over.”

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