Somizi Hankering For A Collaboration With GeeSixFive

Idols SA judge Somizi has indicated interest in working with GeeSixFive, the elderly lady who recently went viral with her song “Obani Lababantu.”

In a recent Instagram post, a noticeably bored Somizi could be seen vibing with the 65-year-old lady’s song and asking for a collaboration with her.

While some fans laughed at Somizi’s attempt to link up with GeeSixFive for a collaboration, others applauded it, thinking another hit is just in the corners. Somizing isn’t backing down.

By the way, Somizi’s request for a collaboration is nothing novel. Now and again, unknown voices go viral and established voices seek them out to work with them. The same thing happened with Vhudie of the “My Yoki Yoki” fame.

Just recently, if you please, the Scorpion King announced online that he is looking for the social media sensation Bobo Mbhele, who had gone viral with the song “iLlwaaa Ntombooo

Well, have you any expectations regarding a Somizi-GeeSixFive collaboration? We have none, but they, if the two should hit the studio, we will bring whatever they record.

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