Somizi & Lasizwe’s Fashion Sense Ignites Debate

The DStv Content Creators Award 2023 had many celebs in attendance but few attracted more attention than reality show judge Somizi and comedian Lasizwe.

Both are famous for always trying to stand out wherever they go. The award was thus another occasion to show their style and stand out – as is their tradition. The issue here is that both may have failed to impress the public by the way they turned up for the event.

Lasizwe wore a flimsy outfit that left his butt cheeks bare, The size of his derriere stunned some netizens, some of whom posited that he must have done a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) but it wasn’t properly done and now his bottom looks funny.

The criticisms directed at Siomizi were somewhat different in that they had nothing to do with his derriere. His fashion sense was dragged. A Twitter user with the name Paballo had noted that both the Idols SA judge and Lasizwe have been trying to present themselves as fashion icons for a while but it wasn’t gelling. You can check out the tweet below

Fans of the two were out there supporting them, though. The primary argument for them is that it is their life to live and no one should police their fashion sense.

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