Somizi Mhlongo Defends His Metro FM Return, Talks Othher Issues

South African media personality Somizi is back to Metro FM. Ordinarily, that would be a piece of good news, and to him, it is, However, some people are murmuring about his return because they feel he is getting all the jobs while other equally qualified people are fighting for employment.

The media personality delved into the furore over his latest gig and more while speaking to TimesLive. He noted that he has had his ups and downs and that his relationship with Metro FM is mutual. He reminded his critics that he was hired because he’s a media personality and not a radio DJ.

He also noted that his relationship with Metro FM is mutual. What’s more, he has been in the industry for decades and earned his stripes. He emphasized that the reason stations are scrambling to get him on one show or the other is that he is at the pinnacle of his career.

Of course, in the beginning, it wasn’t that way. He fought his way to be where he is today. What he is currently enjoying is merely the years of hard work and devotion. Well, can you beat that? Somgaga will likely be around for a long time.

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