Somizi Mhlongo Gives Fans Important Life & Career Advice In New Video – Watch

Somizu Mhlongo, who recently snagged two new gigs at Metro FM has just given important pieces of advice to his fans, and most of them agreed with what he said.

In his now-popular Bathroom Talk With Somizi, the Idols SA judge admonished his fans to stop sharing their plans with the world until they have accomplished them. He also advised them to start oversharing; they should rather not share at all until they have achieved what they set out to.

Most of his fans who reacted to his post agreed with him, with some noting that they have been doing just that and have noticed a remarkable difference n their lives with that policy. And yet some thanked him for the advice while also noting they would be implementing that in their lives. you can check out the post below.

Somizi is one of South Africa’s most popular media personalities and one of the most loved, too. However, when he snagged two new presenting gigs on Metro FM recwntly, media were displeased and accused the station of recycling old faces when theere are many young, equally capable talents out there thirsting for a platform to express themselves.

Well, can you beat that?

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