Somizi Mhlongo On Why He Withdrew Divorce Case Against Mohale

It is no longer news that Somizi has withdrawn his divorce case against his former partner Mohale Motaung. If you have no clue why that happened, you have an answer finally. The Idols SA judge recently shared a press release in which he gave insights into his relationship with the actor and why he was withdrawing the suit.

According to Somizi, his decision to withdraw the divorce suit against Mohale stems from their inability to agree on whether the marriage existed in the first place. He noted that both had initially agreed that a marriage existed. However, along the line, Mohale insisted that no valid marriage existed.

That verdict from Mohale informed his decision to withdraw the case. But, according to the court ruling, he would still be paying Mohale’s legal fees, having insisted on going to court when Mohale wanted mediation that would resolve the case out of court.

Until their falling apart, Mohale and Somizi were among South Africa’s most-admired gay couple. However, not everyone fancied their relationship, with some claiming at the time that Mohale was with Somizi because of his money. Anyway, they are no longer together and each is seeking a new life away from the other

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