Somizi Mhlongo Says Gogo Maweni Helped Secure Springbok’s Win Over England

Mzansi star Somizi Mhlongo says Gogo Maweni used powers to help secure the Springboks’ win over England in the Rugby World Cup Semi-finals.

Mzansi is currently celebrating the victory of the Springboks over England at the RWC semi-final. We have all been impressed by their amazing performances. The club smashed France in the quarter-finals and, advanced to face England, and claimed victory.

The country has been celebrating the win across social media. Somizi Mhlongo shared his two cents on the match in a post made on Instagram. He posted side-by-side photos of Gogo Maweni and the fictional character, Harry Potter, and revealed that the match became supernatural at some point.

According to him, England had Harry Potter on their side, but the Springboks had Gogo Maweni backing them, and she secured their win with powers. Fans couldn’t stop laughing at the post, and they took to the comments to react.

Some commented that she must help with the finals, too. nomfacey replied, “@dr_maweni, can we please start early for the final…let’s not summon the ancestors on the day. I think iyabakwatisa leyonto. Asiqale early, siloku sibancenga nje. I’ll make umqombothi so long.” lomso_ikhwezi laughed it all off, “South Africans take nothing seriously, and I love it.”

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