Somizi Mhlongo Trends After His Lookalike Kabako Fell Offstage

Mzansi trends “Pray for Somizi” after the star’s lookalike fell offstage while performing.

Somizi is in the news again. The famous singer and performer dominated the trends after a video of his lookalike falling off the stage went viral on social media. The Somizi lookalike is a Ugandan performer named Kabako.

Kabako was captured performing to a lively crowd when he stepped on a bad platform and fell under the stage. Everyone thought it was Somgaga and took to the X app to react. Some still find it hard to believe it isn’t him. In the video, Kabako is seen rocking wavy hair, a pink outfit, and boots.

Mzansi noted that the video was very funny, and many wrote, “Please pray for Somizi. While some wrote how funny they found it, others mocked the performer. valazat wrote, “Bro was sent to an early grave!” while pinkdoll_love asked, “When and where did this happen?”

MONGZAR_ reacted, “The underground gang is on the hunt for him, it’s time!” and @ketsiboy showed concern, “Yoh… I hope he didn’t get hurt yaz.” AdvocateStreet must have really loved the fun because he wrote, “Rumours say his still down there…”

Some applauded the Ugandan performer for pulling off the Somizi look. Check the video out here.

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