Somizi On The R1 Million Cash Gift From Why Bathu Founder Theo Baloyi

Living the Dream with Somizi has become a staple for most as the reality show has become an avenue for revealing little-known and sometimes totally unknown aspects of the socialite’s life.

Just recently, for instance, Somizi had revealed that Bathu founder Theo Baloyi gifted him R1 million in cash. But why would he gift the reality show judge that much money? Somizi himself provided answers.

According to him, Theo gave him a pair of shows and told him to wear them and post them. But Somizi didn’t want things that way. He said he hates it when people tell him to post. Instead, he loves doing it as he pleases.

He took the shoe anyway. But he didn’t wear it for about three months. When he eventually decided to wear it, the decision greatly impacted the brand. Sales leapt beautifully. From around 500 to 1000 shoes Bathu used to sell a month, the number increased so much Theo was impressed.

So in gratitude, he had gifted Somizi R1 million when the reality show judge showed up at his office. Somizi declined the gift, however. He said the money was Theo’s and Theo should be the one to spend it.

A beautiful friendship and a beautiful story, yes?

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