Somizi Roasted Over “Fake” Mbongeni Ngema Chats

South African media personality and reality show judge Somizi came under fire over what some of his compatriots called a fake chat message from the late Mbogeni Ngema.

Ngema died recently, and many figures in the entertainment industry have been sharing their shock at his demise, as well as consoling his family through the tragedy.

Somizi was one of those who wanted to show he cared. But he seemingly overdid it or made a false claim outright, which fans spotted and called him out over in no time.

In the said chat message, “Ngema” had thanked Somizi for showing up for him while others seemingly ignored him in his last moments and in his time of need. The message caught the attention of South Africans.

From looking at the screenshot, it was easy to spot that the message was sent from Somizi’s phone. He failed to edit the fake chat enough to make it credible. South Africans spotted this and called him out.

Interestingly, Somizi immediately deleted the message but fans had already downloaded and screenshot it, keeping it for posterity. Check it out below.

Somizi Roasted Over &Quot;Fake&Quot; Mbongeni Ngema Chats 2

Somizi released a video soon after, but South Africans were uninterested in what next he was saying after the deleted chat.

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