Somizi Takes Break From Work To Address Mohale’s Allegations

Reality show judge, singer, media personality and entrepreneur Mhlongo has taken a break from work to handle the storm of allegations hurled his way by his estranged husband Motaung.

His employer, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), confirmed this much in a statement.

Somizi, who’s one of the judges on the reality show Idols SA, is reeling under a storm of allegations bordering on abuse from Mohale. Among others, had alleged that had at one point threatened him with a knife. He also claimed that had frustrated his plans to work with the Fergusons, leading to discontinue communication with him (Mohale).

On the storm of allegations against Somizi, noted in its statement that had requested for time off work in order to handle the allegations against him. While not declaring guilty, the corporation distanced itself from any form of violence and abuse.

By the way, in a statement, Somizi’s legal team made it clear that the judge will speak at the appropriate time on receiving the go-ahead from his legal team, since the allegations against him are pretty grievous.

It remains to be seen where the case will lead. Stay tuned for updates.