Somizi Under Fire Again Over Mbongeni Ngema

At this point, it is looking like one day one rast for South African socialite and media personality Somizi. He was blasted for his allegedly “fake” chat with the late Mbongeni Ngema only recently.

When some South Africans thought that was beginning to settle down, Somizi found himself in yet another hole of trouble with his compatriots and it all boiled down to his comments about the late playwright.

During an interview, Somizi spoke about the late playwright who perished in an auto accident involving his vehicle and a truck on the N61. He recalled that Ngema was a contemporary of his late father.

He also noted he was 13 around the time the time auditions were made for the second cast of “Sarafina.”

The only thing was that South Africans were unimpressed with his takes during the interview, with some pointing out that he made the whole story about himself and not the late actor.

Previously, Somizi. an Idols SA judge, had had to delete the alleged WhatsApp chat he had with the late playwright after it was exposed to be fake – a chat he had sent to the late playwright but claiming it was the late playwright who sent it to him.

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