Somizi Unfollows Mohale Motaung on Social Media

Apparently Somizi Mhlong has unfollowed his estrange husband Motaung and Mzansi can’t keep calm.

The signs of estrangement were there all along. But many have apparently not taken it too seriously. Wjhere previously the two would be seen enjoying eaach other’s company. They had drifted apart, with sharing snaps of just him alone.

On his part, Somizi seems o have snapped up pal Vusi Nova. The pair has been vacationing around town and sharin pictures of their time together, invariably reopening questions about Vusi Nova’s sexual orientation.

While Somizi is open gay, has not publicly come out as one. But because he’s mostly to be found in the company of Somizi, speculations he’s gay are burning widely.

Anyway, Somizi appears to be having the time of his life with Vusi and it appears like he doesn’t want to be reminded of anything relating to his ex and has unfollowed him on Instagram and on you ca check out the evidence below.

Somizi reportedly unfollowed after he (Somizi) went to support at his gig during Easter. By the way, because these days Vusi Nova is most;ly to be found in the company of Somizi, some of Vusis’s fans have been wondering if he has no life outside Somizi’s circle.

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