Somizi’s Mental Health Post Has Fans Sharing Their Battles With Depression

Mental health is one subject that has sporadically sprung up in discussions on social media, especially propelled by celebs who have had their dark mental hours and want to create awareness of sorts among others.

South African cook and media personality Somizi is the latest to bring up the issue of mental health and create awareness of sorts among his followers.

In a recent Instagram post, Somgaga shared slides on depression, indicating he might be going through a dark phase himself. In the first slide, he noted that depression is not a joke and that people should not get tired of reminding themselves that things would get better.

In the second slide, he got into some detail about depression, noting that people can be accomplished and still be depressed. They can be celebrities, leading scholars, breezy and full of smiles… They can have very positive and every bubbly quality imaginable and yet be depressed.

As far as he is concerned, depression does not request one’s credentials before striking. So people just have to know this and forge ahead with good cheer. Things just might be better. You can check out the post below.

By the way, both celebs and ordinary people alike were in the comment section to share their experiences with depression.

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