‘Song Of The Year’ Legal Case Against SABC Has Been Dropped

After followers of the ”song of the year” show holding on Ukozi FM were disappointed that it didn’t take place due to the SABC “song of the year” drama, the station has now finally resolved the issue and announced they are ready to reveal the Top 10 on all radio stations.

The annual Top 10 show which is a total fans favorite usually ushers the whole of Mzansi into the New Year. The competition that usually come with the show allows listeners to vote their top songs and the one with the highest vote will in turn be the winner.

The drama that occurred with SABC was due to accusations made by Owen Ndlovu from the Michael Owen productions. The company accused SABC of stealing the Song of the year (SOTY) concept after their agreement got terminated, in which SABC was expected to stop using the voting system. The company further accused them of being fraudulent and stealing their concept.

According to reports the voting for the song of the year program (SOTY) makes about R100 million every year, but the money has been going into SABC’s account only since their termination of agreement with Michael Owen productions (MO) in 2016.

The stations attorney received a notice of withdrawal from Michael Owens production on Tuesday the 28th of January 2020, without stating reason as to why the case was being withdrawn. Now that the issue has been resolved the station reveals they will be releasing the Top 10 songs.

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