Sonia Mbele Denounced As Homewrecker Over Alleged Relationship With Married Man

Sonia Mbele is facing great public scrutiny again. This time, it has nothing to do with her son battering her boyfriend but with claims she is dating a married man.

Mzansi social media is currently abuzz with claims that the media personality and actress is dating a 31-year-old man. The news of her alleged involvement with another woman’s husband has rubbed many South Africans the wrong way, and they have been firing shots at her ever since.

According to one of her critics, she is nothing more than a homewrecker – out to ruin another woman’s marriage when she could easily have picked from thousands of single men out there.

Some even reminded her about her previous relationship and how she was abused, asking her if she had not learned anything from that.

The man she is said to be dating is no other than Matome Sefalafala

If indeed she is dating another woman’s husband, she wouldn’t be the first South African celebs to get that infamous badge. A  couple of examples abound, but the one that made the most news recently is that of Enhle Mbali, who had slept with another woman’s husband – the same person who had flayed her husband Black Coffe for getting involved with other women when they were married

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