Sonia Mbele Reacts After Her Son, Donell Mbele, Is Called Out For Assaulting His Girlfriend

It has often been said that the actions we take might affect our family in one way or the other. This has proven true for Generations actress Sonia Mbele, whose son, Donell, ahs be exposed by his partner as abusive.

The actress found herself trending over her son’s actions and had to address the situation in a press statement.

Reokeditswe Makete had accused her boyfriend and Sonia Mbele’s son Donell abused and raped her. She shared screenshots where he apologized for his action and noted that he doesn’t deserve her. She also shared images shored her battered and swollen face after the apparent assault. You can check them out below.

Sonia Mbele’s son isn’t much known by the public. Somnia is the more famous person, so tweeps started calling her out over her son’s actions and in no time she started trending on Mzansi Twitter. This forced her to issue a statement regarding her son’s actions.

In her statement, she recalled that she had a similar experience as her son’s lover and that her son would be accountable for his actions. She said she refused to raise a son who was as violent as his father (her ex-lover).

Mzansi was charmed by her statement and showed massive support immediately.

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