Actress Sonia Mbele Charges At President Ramaphosa About Overnight Loadshedding

Sonia Mbele Reportedly Working On A Docuseries On Thabo Bester & Dr Nandipha

If the news making the rounds online is anything to go by, then South African actress and producer Sonia Mbele may have scored a very important collaboration with Netflix. She is said to be working with Netflix to produce a docuseries on Thabos Bester and his disgraced aesthetician girlfriend, Dr Nandipha.

She had reportedly aided his break out from prison and escape and was even harbouring him when he was spotted at a mall shopping. Bester’s story is the stuff of gripping crime fiction, only it isn’t fiction but morbid reality.

Called the Facebook Rapist because he allegedly lured ladies from the social media platform and raped and killed them, Bester had set his prison cell ablaze and left behind the body of someone else to give the illusion that he had died in prison. But he was soon busted and is back in the dock, standing trial for his crimes. Nandipha is docked with him.

Sonia Mbele was previously a patient in Dr Nandipha’s health and beauty facility. She had also reportedly been allowed access to Dr Nandipha by her lawyers. All this is said to be part of her preparation for making the docuseries for Netflix. It remains to be seen if and how they’d pull off the doccie.