Sonia Mbele Roasted After Claiming She Became A Multi-Millionaire in Her 20s – Watch

Media personality Sonia Mbele’s claims to having become a multimillionaire in her 20s has led to severe backlash from a section of social media, with netizens calling for her to pay her debts to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) if she is still owing.

In a video currently making the rounds online, the mother of one had claimed that she made her first million through several brand endorsements. She went ahead to list some of them.

In her own words, “I was a multi-millionaire in my 20s. I was the first face of Dark n Lovely, the first face of Lux, the first face of Ponds, the first face of Sun Silk and the first face of City Power. I had 90 TV commercials locally and internationally. I became a millionaire in my 20s.”

She further stated that she bought her first Louis Vuitton bag herself and trained herself into the lifestyle that she continues to enjoy to this day.

Ordinarily, this should be a thing of pride to those rooting for her – and indeed it was. But her critics were not impressed, as they returned to an earlier story about her owing the SARS, asking her to pay up if she is indeed the millionaire she claimed to be.

In fairness to her, multiple reports point to her having paid the tax debt before the video clip popped online.

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