Sonia Mbele Roasted Over Comments Following Her Visit To Zimbabwe

South African actress Sonia Mbele came under fire recently over the comment she made about Zimbabwe following her visit to the country.

Sonia Mbele has nothing but pride for the country following her visit. According to her, the country is progressing now unlike previously. And that is worth celebrating.

Many South Africans who saw her post were miffed by it and some openly accuse her of being uninformed and sharing her ignorance on the timeline. She might have been to the country, some noted, but she certainly has no clue what the political situation there is.

A storm of laughing emojis, a shaking of heads and other signs, and it was clear that South Africans are communicating that one of their own is certainly out of touch with the reality in Zimbabwe and that the country’s ruling party is not performing as the Generations actress claimed. You can check out the post below.

At the time of writing, the actress had not said anything about the criticisms her take on Zimbabwe has elicited. If she does, we’d of course share the same with you. Stay tuned for the scoop if you please.

By the way, the songstress won many hearts recently when she criticised her son for abusing his girlfriend.

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