Sony Music Africa Confirms AKA’s “Mass Country Deluxe” Version

#JusticeForAKA: Fans Clamour For AKA’s Killers To Be Unearthed

Sony Music Africa has confirmed the coming release of AKA’s “Mass Country Deluxe” version.

The world lost a fantastic talent when AKA died, but his legacy lives on. His last album may actually not be his last. There have been reports that the star left behind a lot of recorded music; they will be released later.

Sony Music Africa label Manager Caroline Morabe confirmed a “Mass Country Deluxe” version, according to Slikout. She urged fans to anticipate more of the late rapper’s music.

“You know Kiernan in studio, he brought a whole bunch of songs, and we can’t release everything at once, so he left us some serious magic, and we’re very excited later on in the year to have the ‘Mass Country Deluxe’ coming out,” said Caroline Morabe during a brunch at the Artistry in Sandton.

Also, Vth Season boss Benza told Slikour On Life that AKA left a lot of unreleased music, and they will release it at the right time.

“You know he was an ultimate creative, so every time there was an inspiration, he wrote something down in his studio at home. He was a producer, and he recorded some songs. So yes, he has a lot of music that’s there. Someone did ask me about that question, and I said you know what, in order for us to share more music, Kiernan has to give us a sign,” said Benza.